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Cornerstone Insurance Partners IS a full service provider.

Insurance is generally meant to protect four things: your life, health, property, and finances. Many people are very aware of their financial portfolio. They take time to ask questions, understand their options, and make sound decisions with the advice of an advisor.

Most people don’t do this with their insurance. The reasons are many, but often come down to a few key factors. Most people deal with at least 3 insurance companies, and some many more. Insurance policies are verbose, and the terminology is often confusing and unfamiliar.

So, even if you feel like you need a better grip on your insurance portfolio, who do you call first - your auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance or health insurance agent? What about the agent that handles your commercial coverage? How do you coordinate the information and efforts from each one? Can you even talk to a real person about each policy?

If you are like most, the task is too overwhelming, time consuming, or impossible. The result is a nation that knows very little about their policies, their premiums, or their options.

Cornerstone has put the pieces in place to streamline this process. We take the guess work out by learning about you, your family, and your business. We present a complete portfolio with multiple options and suggestions. We show you how to maximize the value of the policy through discounts, coverage options, and sound advice. And lastly, we keep in communication with you so your policies can adapt and grow as your needs change.
225 Union Blvd. Suite 350 | Lakewood CO 80228 | Ph. 720.407.6416 Fax. 303.531.0036